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7 Loggia & Patio Design Ideas | Lifestyle Considerations Before Investing In Exterior Spaces

How To Design Outdoor Spaces To Best Suit Lifestyle

Before considering an investment in your loggia or patio furnishings, there are a series of questions every Dallas homeowner needs to consider before taking the plunge. After going out to a home where another designer and her outdoor kitchen contractor had gone with her, I realize I must employ every Dallas homeowner to consider these questions before hiring anyone to build an outdoor kitchen or source seating. The designer had NOT even asked the homeowner about their lifestyle before spouting off HER design ideas. {My personal pet peeve with some interior designers.}

I’ll use one of my past exterior loggia design projects to walk you through…

Questions Every Interior Designer Or Landscape Architect Should Ask Before Designing Your Outdoor Loggia or Patio Area

Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor space, a series of questions to understand how you will use the rooms or outdoor spaces in your home is a must. Here are my list of questions to ask when meeting with a Dallas homeowner. Keep in mind, if you’re not in Dallas, there are many other considerations with the climate being a biggy that should be considered for your area.

  1. How will you use the space? For entertaining family and friends on weekends or will you take a seat outdoors to browse through your emails and social media each morning? Or is this a seasonal space (ex winter, spring, summer or fall) only space? These factors determine if you’ll need cushion storage, furniture covers, or leaving your exterior furnishings exposed at all times.
  2. How often will you use the outdoor loggia or patio? Daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal, or only for special occasions? If so, how many special occasions do you host each year?
  3. How will you maintain the loggia or patio? Will you personally maintain your loggia, patio, or pool area or will you hire someone to do it for you?
  4. Will you entertain in each of the areas? If so, how do you envision entertaining guests? For instance, should we plan on refrigeration, wine chillers, a bar, grill, wood fire pizza oven, or will you be ordering in Dominos? Do you want areas separated but harmonious or do you prefer complete separation so that kids and adults can organically separate themselves?
  5. Do you watch sports games? If so, do you plan on watching the games outdoors?
  6. How long have you lived in metro Dallas, Texas? If my clients are moving from other regions, I advise them of climate issues they will face for their outdoor spaces. Understanding their outdoor space maintenance is even more critical. There are more elements such as weather and types of materials that aren’t changed out like a throw pillow. Most outdoor furniture is equally as costly as interior furnishings yet it’s exposed to elements. In Texas, we have to think to make the selections for their interiors or sometimes loggias and then we let the patio.
  7. What necessities are most important to you? The latest outdoor theatre screen? Outdoor smart home screens that you can lower while you’re at the office?

The list could go on and on based on my homeowner’s answers, but as a Dallas interior designer with more experience than I care to write about in this blog post, it doesn’t take us long to identify solutions that function for each of our clients.

To help our clients understand and visualize how their investment will be spent and the final results, we love to provide more than a verbal presentation or storyboards. Three-dimensional renderings are how we start the design process to help each homeowner see the scale and dimension of their furnishings before we place a single order.

Carrying the cool blues outside to the pool area, was a natural fit. To give our “opposite attract” homeowners a virtual walkthrough of the space before continuing color, placement, and product selections, we created a comprehensive design using 3D rendering technology. After seeing the details – from the furnishings and fabrics to the jacuzzi – brought to life in three dimensions, the husband conceded on the color issue. Not only does 3D rendering dave clients time and money by streamlining selections and preventing additional construction costs related to initial decisions that are later regretted, it can also save relationships!

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